Chair:  Robert Jenders

Scribe: Robert Jenders 




Peter Adlassnig

Peter HaugIntermountain
Robert JendersUCLA


  1. CDS Big Picture IG
    1. Having postponed the ballot for this document in the last ballot cycle, the WG reviewed progress toward completion in order to ballot in the current cycle.  
    2. The WG reconfirmed the document outline and the editing plan (adding additional material to the template document and re-uploading a new version) using the project page.
    3. The WG agreed to submit a Notice of Intent to Ballot (NIB):  Vote = 3/0/0
      1. Action item:  Submit NIB (Jenders)
  2. Next meeting:  2020-11-16 at 1100 HL7 time
    1. Agenda:  Review final harmonization proposals.