This page collects some initial thoughts about the FHIR4FAIR FHIR IG

To be discussed

  1. Structure of the guide
  2. Extension of the "informative" part 
  3. Proposed development approach
  4. Organization of a FAIR track ?

Structure of the guide

Proposed development approach

FAIR data object is a quite wide concept that could cover very different things of real life: from a collection of data (data set) to a single atomic information (e.g. a diagnosis).

Depending of what is a "FAIR object"  the boundary between data and metadata may change; including how the "object" could be represented in FHIR and instances assessed.

The suggestion to be discussed with the team is the therefore the following:

The following picture shows one proposed conceptual structure of a FAIR data object , (another representation includes the provenance in the metadata and add as a separate component "standards and code")

hereafter a preliminary draft of types of objects we may be interested to consider as starting point, suggesting to start with data collections.