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  1. Call to order 
    1. Call for Attendance

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  2. .dot release for ODH Lori Fourquet

  3. New Comments process  (Jira Migration)- Andrew


  1. .dot release for ODH Lori Fourquet

    1. Valueset for occupation  - there has been developments in classification schemes, they have found databases of terms (coded) in finbads and they are choosing to include them.
      1. for past or present industry occupation, if they do not have a coded values, then they should use the original text. The question "could this change be made via valueset versioning?".  It was pointed out that it's a bit more than that, so the model needed to support a translation.
      2. The question was asked if the changes for a template could be automated.
      3. The question of how to change to STU.   An STU update was proposed, and they could extend the STU period, or to move it forward as a normative standard in the future.  The only issue related to making it forward as normative is that it is based on the C-CDA IG.
    2. : Motion to move forward with an STU Update - made by Jenny Luesman, Second Calvin Beebe,  Approve: 19, Abstain: 0 Against: 0 motion passes.
  2. New Comments process  (Jira Migration)- Andrew
    1. Andrew reviewed the Jira process that will be used by SDWG to capture contents made by users of the standards.  We have STU comment trackers, we are migrating all comments for all CDA based standards over to JIRA. This topic will be covered on Thursday at 2-4 in SDWG.


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