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2:00pm ET

  1. Call to order 
    1. Call for Attendance

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  2. Implementationathon Topics - Ex. the doc ontology for USCDI Clinical Notes

  3. C-CDA on FHIR IG / SOA Mapping


  1. Implementationathon Topics - Ex. the doc ontology for USCDI Clinical Notes

    1. Expectations on the document ontology meeting that align
      1. Recommendation on what to put for the data elements for clinical notes. The following issues:
        1. On Page 7 clinical notes data elements - Consult notes, Discharge Summary, History & Physical  - there is only the generic and not the more specific terms.
          1. Create some LOINC value sets for the generic and more specific note types.  The group discussed the question if the issue was an errata or an enhancement. It was suggested that a comment be provided on OnDeck against the page that shows the single codes.  It was suggested that LOINC should be viewed as the source of truth for these valuesets.
        2. Imaging Narrative, Laboratory Narrative, Pathology Report Narrative
          1. These three categories do not align to the LOINC ontology for clinical notes.  The group discussed the question of how to code could be used.  How do we capture the narrative portions so they can be shared.  Keep clinical notes and for Imaging (imaging report codes and their section codes)
          2. Loinc document ontology will send their report to SDWG for review.
        3. Notes not called out (Procedure Note, Progress Note, )
          1. There is a large number of clinical notes that are not included in the USCDI currently and the group was thinking about submitting them.  The question about potentially adding additional LOINC codes for some of the note types called out for USCDI. 
          2. Calvin asked if there is only a requirement to share narrative documents with a loinc code.
  2. C-CDA on FHIR IG / SOA Mapping - Lisa

    1. Ken Lord Mapping between  C-CDA , FHIR and V2.  Within SOA there was a functional specification that would support transforming across the HL7 product families.   The functional specification has gone to ballot and reconciled and  an informative version has been published.  The goals of that specification MBTS.  A couple of organizations have been involved.  The goals were to have plug and play between two different information follows. 
    2. The V2 to FHIR work created a normative implementation guide between V2 to FHIR.  Some good work was done.  There are artifacts produced that were created by a number of vendors.  The spec is in ballot and the process and procedures could be leveraged for the C-CDA community to FHIR and back and forth.
    3. Ken suggested that the work undertaken by OO might be of value to to SDWG. Lisa identified that the work identified has a very interesting solution based on Spreadsheets and that if others would utilize the these kinds of maps then many others would benefit from a uniform standard for the transformations.  
    4. What is the next step?   The right place is either structured documents or the cross workgroup.  The discussion will move offline.


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