The Structure Documents Workgroup is recording our workgroup meetings for the purpose of capturing an accurate record of discussions and decisions that go into meeting minutes. If you have concerns or objections to recording of the meeting in whole or in part, please feel free to express those concerns during the meeting so we may put the recording on hold accordingly.

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Facilitator: Austin Kreisler

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Noon - 1:30 PM ET

  1. Call to order 
    1. Call for Attendance

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  2. Administrivia

    1. Administrivia tasks
    2. Evaluating our standards (SDWG) standards life cycle

    3. CDA 2.1 Tutorial development discussion


  1. Administrivia

    1. Administrivia tasks
      1. Review the weeks agenda  - Austin reviewed the agenda for the week.
    2. Evaluating our standards (SDWG) standards life cycle

      1. All standards in the master grid have a default status assigned - Active, Stable, Retired
      2. SDWG will set up a new conference call and send out a doodle poll to see who can make it.  Those recommendations will be brought back to the SDWG Thursday call for a final vote.
    3. CDA 2.1 Tutorial development discussion

      1. Calvin shared the outline for the CDA R2.1 standard.  The discussion focused on extension schema currently used by CDA R2.0 when a document is converted into CDA R2.1.  Two strategies are possible
    4. Retired Standards
      1.  HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA Release 2 Digital Signatures and Delegation of Rights - this may be a topic with FM & PIE. Lisa indicated that MaxMD would like to see additional implementer. 
      2. The Supplemental templates for Pregnancy Status  - need to check with  S. Gaunt
    5. SDWG looked at a issues related to the WG Health -

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Motion to approve 




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