Standards for Review spreadsheet to

As announced during recent Co-chair webinars, as part of the clean-up of the HL7 Product Grid, work groups and Product Management Groups are asked to review the “current state” for active, stable and retired published standards they have sponsored. The current state of standards are displayed on the HL7 Product Grid (aka. Master Grid of Standards)  at

A proposed current state has been assigned for most standards.  The intent of the review you are being asked to do is to validate this status and identify necessary changes to that status.

To facilitate the review of the status of your standards, the following process has been defined:

  1.  A spreadsheet of all products that need review at this time has been created and is attached to this email:
  2. Using the definitions and characteristics of the status categories, defined by the TSC (Characteristics of Standards Categories), review the spreadsheet for the standards your Work Group has sponsored – you can filter on “Sponsoring Work Group” column to make it easier to review
  3.  If you have questions as you complete your review, check out FAQs (Categorizing Standards FAQS). 
  4. If you can’t find an answer to your questions, you can email
  5. Once you have completed your review, email the updated spreadsheet to Anne Wizauer (

We ask groups to complete this work as soon as possible, but review must be completed by October 31, 2020. The TSC will be establishing work group health measures to encourage the regular review and update of the current state of standards.