Chair: Maria D. Moen Jan Oldenburg

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Jan Oldenburg


Maria Moen

Victoria Lorenzi

We looked at the outline of the white paper. Discussed whether we should refer to patients as patients, persons, or consumers. We decided patient/person would be best and wouldn't require us to resubmit the PSS. That document is in the links below and here:

Victoria suggested that we invite Terry Reed to this group to talk to us about devices and device data, as we don't know how much information is carried in the device code as well as other items about devices.

We discussed how the PACIO project fits with our work. It seems they will help us by “trying-out” some implementation components of our vision. With luck they will accelerate our work.

We discussed Medication Reconciliation and how patient-contributed herbals and supplements need to be included.

We added a few things to the discussion document. Victoria also suggested that we check out the HealthAffairs document on measurement.

Supporting Documents

Outline Reference

Supporting Document

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