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Real-world testing of the CARIN Consumer Directed Payer Data Exchange (CARIN IG For Blue Button®)

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The CARIN Alliance Health Plan Workgroup was organized to develop a FHIR-based API that could be sent to a consumer-facing application and was designed to answer the challenge for health plans to ‘meet or exceed’ the CMS Medicare Blue Button 2.0 capabilities. The CMS Medicare Blue Button 2.0 project provides over 53 million Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries access to their electronic claims information.

The CARIN Consumer Directed Payer Data Exchange Implementation Guide (CARIN IG For Blue Button®)  was balloted in December for STU and comments are currently being addressed and resolved. Updates to the IG are being made to the continuous build once voted on and approved by the HL7 Financial Management Work Group.

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Financial Management WG

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Amol Vyas - (zulip)

Mark Roberts (co-lead) - (zulip)

Related tracks

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The target audience for CDPDE API development will include payer organizations who may also be involved in the various DaVinci Tracks at the Connectathon.

FHIR Version

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CARIN Consumer Directed Payer Data Exchange (CDPDE) IG (PSS, STU1, CI)

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Zulip stream

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Role 1 Sandbox API Server

Role 2 Sandbox API Client


Describe the different scenarios participating systems can engage in during the connectathon.  Each scenario should provide sufficient description that participants can appropriately construct their software in advance to prepare to interoperate during the connectathon.

Scenario: Sandbox user retrieves EOBs from the Sandbox server using the Client

Action: Sandbox user receives the access and refresh tokens from the Sandbox server and calls the EOB endpoint

Precondition: Sandbox user is logged into the Client

Success Criteria: The client retrieves the user's EOBs and renders them on the UI

Bonus point #1: On expiration of the access token, the app uses the refresh token to get new access and refresh tokens

Bonus point #2: The Server exposes search criteria (link) for selecting the EOBs and the client uses search parameters to select and retrieve the EOBs.

Bonus point #3: For a Server supporting _include, the resource instance included in the search response should match the instance from a separate read/vread on that resource's reference.


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Security and Privacy Considerations

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Reference Materials

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