This track is postponed for Connectathon 26. 

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To address the emerging COVID-19 treatment challenges, clinicians are encouraged to rely on electronic clinical data to determine which patients should be prioritized for being tested, hospitalized, and/or isolated. Failure to include or exclude patients in COVID-19 screening, testing, and treatment could lead to life-threatening situations for patients and could impact the overall trajectory of the outbreak at a population-level.

COVID-19 symptoms and pre-existing conditions are important to triage patient triage and FHIR resources and implementation guides can be used to record patient-reported information, create findings/observation, and then apply them to business process automation. (see additional background). Semantic interoperabity requires an integrated terminology knowledge base that allows sharing information provided by patients with EHR rercord information about problem lists (e.g., diabetes, cancer treatment). 

This track is supporting project Guidelines for a Standardized Terminology Knowledge base Project.

Long Description

This track is demonstrating the process of collecting and applying medical triage questionnaire to pre-arrival evaluation processes for suspected COVID-19 patients. 

It uses the following resources:

Additionally, this track is validating BPM+ process automation (BPM process description for pre-arrival triage)  and fulfilling a set of clinical and interoperability objectives and provides value to clinicians and improved outcomes for patients,



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Ioana Singureanu ioana.singureanu at  - track lead, Standards Architect
Keith E. Campbell  MD, PhD - Subject Matter Expert

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