Track Name

COVID19 Teleconsultation Track: Pandemic and Beyond


  1. To further FHIR standards among the programmer community, whether they are in healthcare or not. 
  2. To test out our concept and demonstrate a standards based Telemedicine Exchange Platform
  3. Purpose & Takeaways for the Participants attending the NCII Track:
    1. What’s the purpose of hosting this connectathon track?
      To further FHIR standards among the programmer community, by identifying India Specific Scenario of health interoperability and enable the ecosystem to adopt standards that lead to successful and meaningful implementations.
    2. What do you hope to achieve?
      To demonstrate power of innovative collaboration that is the core of NCII and begin the transformation starting with a Telemedicine Exchange Platform

      This track will use R4 version of FHIR(Participants from the FHIR Starter Track can come to COVID19 Teleconsultation Track after completing 4 FHIR Starter Sessions)
  4. Review the COVID19 Teleconsultation Track Details here:

Intended Audience

  1. Telemedicine Platform Companies, Hospitals, Clinics
  2. Developers / Architects
  3. Product manager
  4. Test engineer/Manager
  5. Students/learner (Health Informatics)
  6. Hospitals

Audience Feedback

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Track Orientation & Schedules

30th May, 2020Track Kick-offSlides Here
15th June, 2020Track Standup W1 - Day 1
16th June, 2020Track Standup W1 - Day 2W1-Day 2 - Teleconsultation Track - HL7 India Connectathon.pdf
17th June, 2020Track Standup W1 - Day 3W1-Day 3 - Teleconsultation Track - HL7 India Connectathon.pdf
18th June, 2020Track Standup W1 - Day 4Activities being updated by Participants
19th June, 2020Track Standup W1 - Day 5Weekend Update and Next Steps
20th June, 2020Track Standup W1 - Day 6
21st  June, 2020SUNDAY OFFNo Meeting
22nd June, 2020Track Standup W2 - Day 7
23rd June, 2020Track Standup W2 - Day 8

Invitation to connect & discuss Hans on V2-FHIR mappings, project and track. This an opportunity to interact & learn from a Industry & HL7 veteran and #influencer .

About Buitendijk Hans
Hans is currently Co-Chair - Orders & Observations work group at HL7. He also leads the V2-to-FHIR project efforts among several other initiative.
Hans is a HL7 Veteran with over 26 years of association with HL7 in several key roles.
He works at Cerner Corporation as Director, Interoperability Strategy.

24th June, 2020Track Standup W2 - Day 9

Scenario 1:

  1. TSO will raise the ticket to the Teleconsultation Server
  2. Resources included in the Resource Bundle
    1. Task
    2. Patient
    3. Observation
    4. Condition
  3. On submission Task Status will be set as "Requested"
  4. TPO will request for open tasks
    1. Each TPO can request for only one task for each request (use query count = 1)
    2. If active task available, TPO updates the task reference number status = "In-Progress"
    3. TPO will query the associated patient information from the server, once the task has been locked (marked "In-Progress")
25th June, 2020Track Standup W2 - Day 10
26th June, 2020Track Standup W2 - Day 11
27th June, 2020Track Standup W2 - Day 12
28th June, 2020Track Standup W2 - Day 13The Scenario 1 & Resource Identified
29th June, 2020Track Standup W2 - Day 14The Scenario 1 Presented - TSO & TPO Actors Identified
30th June, 2020Track Standup W2 - Day 15

Register for the Track and Join us Daily between 5.30PM to 6.00PM IST 


  1. HAPI FHIR Server (R4) - Link
  2. COVID19 Teleconsultation Track Artefacts - Google Drive Link
    1. Track Task List
    2. Resource Data
    3. Sample Resources for the Track
    4. Scenario 1 Resource Mapping

Participants Tools

  1. Connection details to the HAPI FHIR Server
  2. FHIR Clients, Company based Applications
  3. Postman Client: Please download the POSTMAN Client on your respective systems:
  4. Fred:

  5. clinFHIR Patient Viewer:

Track Sessions Summary

Intro & Recap

FHIR in Action - Build a FHIR Client

FHIR Modules

What is a FHIR Ecosystem

Patient Resource and use cases

NCII Track Orientation & Introductions

Give explanations of the scenarios and the framework - on the client side

NCII PoC Setup

NCII PoC Showcase

Track Coordinators

Manick Rajendran

Aniruddha Nene

Kumar Satyam

Manish Sharma

Track Participants


Divyaratna Chiniwal

Ritika Jain

Aparna Bhumkar

Raksha R

Aditi Verma

Raj Kumar

Chinmay Athaley

Bhaskar Krishnamurthy
Jayakanth Kesan
Praveen Shivaprasad
Anurag Aggarwal
Raunaq Pradhan
Siriram Kailasam
Gokul Raj R
Astha Rai
Shilpa A
Suyash Choudhary
Mohammad Ali
Srinivasa Rao P
Santosh Jami
Shilpa Kumar
Debabrata Parida
Aditya Kumar Singh

Track Schedule (stay tuned for the updates here)

Date - TimeActivityDurationComments

03rd Jul, 2020 

3.00PM onwards

Attend the Connectathon Opening Ceremony and meetings3 hours

04th Jul, 2020

09.00 AM to 10.00AM

Common Session1 hour

04th Jul, 2020

10.00AM to 01.00PM

Session 13 hours

04th Jul, 2020

01.00PM to 03.00PM

Session 22 hours

04th Jul, 2020

03.30PM to 06.00PM

Session 32.5 hours