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Management Minutes Approval2020-03-25 Meeting Agenda

Virtual WGM Planning

2020-05 "San Antonio" WGM


  • Virtual Connectathon
  • WGM Business
  • Joint Sessions w/ Arden, CQI, Pharmacy, BR&R, SOA, FHIR-I, PC, O&O, CIMI
  • Project Updates for:
    • Clinical Reasoning
    • CPG-on-FHIR
    • EBM-on-FHIR
    • CDS Hooks
    • FHIRCast
    • PDDI
    • CQL
    • QUICK, QI-Core
  • Ballot reconciliation for CQL

Can we schedule some additional times during the WGM to coordinate and provide updates that would have occurred during WGM

Robert: Is there any direction from HL7 on this topic?

Floyd: No specific direction, left up to the discretion of the WGs. Perhaps looking at existing WG calls and coordinating joint participation

Howard: That helps, but would it make sense to extend the regularly scheduled WGM on the 20th for example? (Probably not 12 hours of calls, but probably need more than just the hour

Floyd: Reasonable, but scheduling will be a challenge. CQI will be discussing on Friday, suggest that at least CQI and CDS join each other's calls

Howard: Yeah, that makes sense as well

Floyd: Ballot topics won't be available until closer to the call

Robert: Take the overall scheduled and turn it in to a grid that we can use to assign slots, making sure we cover all the bases

Action: Extend WGM on the 20th and plan on cross participation between CDS and CQI

Floyd: There are regularly scheduled joint sessions (like PC on Tuesday afternoon) perhaps suggest that those types of sessions still occur?

Rob Samples: Potentially different in preparation, perhaps some extra scheduled meetings

Dennis Patterson: There's a thread on Zulip for this:

Discussions there have suggested a 3 day non-stop connectathon, with a Zoom meeting going the whole time for overall sessions as well as breakouts

Isaac: Yes definitely will participate, no idea what the best format is, but will definitely be participating

Dennis: As a proposed track lead, definitely participating and will have support for CDS Hooks Track

Chris Moesel: Evaluating whether it makes sense to participate, if it makes sense, we (CDS Connect project) would like to participate. One question is what the actual "connect" part of the connectathon would look like? Would we still have the same level of access to vendor/participant systems as we would normally have at the connectathon? Would we need to set up VPNs or anything like that?

Dennis: Our stance with participation is that the testing platforms are publicly accessible anyway, so as long as participant endpoints are publicly accessible, should be fine.

2020-05 CDS Hooks Track

2020-05 Clinical Reasoning

Yanyan: I missed information on connectathon but interested in participation

CDS Hooks Patient View Ballot Reconciliation

FHIR-25763 - Proposal to add episodeOfCareId in the Patient context. EpisodeOfCare can be pulled in if needed from the EncounterId. Could also consider for future use, once the EpisodeOfCare resource reaches a higher level of maturity.

Floyd: Two questions: An encounter can include a telepohone/telemedicine encounter

Isaac: Encounter scope does include virtual encounters, relevant point for CDS Hooks is that the CDS Service can retrieve the episodeOfCare through the encounterId

Floyd: Wonder if what they're asking for is whether the episode of care used the encounter to happen

Rob: Don't link to them because they aren't baked

FHIR-25766 - Ensure that the input for user, patient Id and encounter are all tested and valid

EBM-on-FHIR Items:

CPG-on-FHIR Ballot Reconciliation


 Next agenda

  • Continued discussion on VWGM and connectahon

 Adjourned at 1:00PM ET

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