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Chair: Calvin E. Beebe

Scribe: Andrew Statler

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Discussion items


Joint with CDA-MG (SDWG Hosting)

  • Future of C-CDA
    • Structured Definition Publishing is moving forward.
  • Discussed the need to move comments to JIRA
    • Andrew owes information to Wayne
    • Andrew to get information for the CDAMG on how the FHIR group is managing triage.
    • CDA Management Group needs to discuss triage process for CDA documents across the various working groups
    • We will need measurements and would be great to align with the Gold Star Program.
  • We need to have more Implementation-a-Thons.
    • Discussion about having one in San Antonio.
    • Need to determine when to hold it.
    • How to structure it.

11:00amAffiliate Usage of CDA and IPS

The templates are similar, but the scopes are very different.

ValueSet changes - different states a concern can be in. Clinical Status Observation across the two models.

The way we are doing this is not ideal. The purposes of the templates is different.

We can work on those things and try to find some common ground, maybe some comments. Try to find out a universal template. Derive IPS and C-CDA from a common tool. Just looking at Problems and Allergies. Comparing with each other and then comparing with the end. The next step will be to also look at the differences with FHIR.

There are meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:00pm East Coast where they discuss this.

Action items