1. We have categories already. They state what categories the product has. Do we also need a "category negation" as in "this product is not compatible with a halal diet"?
    1. To be Discussed
  2. What is the w5 for NutritionProduct?
  3. We need examples and use cases- please add items and details to the list below


Use Cases

  1. Nutritionist prepares a halal menu
    1. Query server for existing nutritionproducts that have classification "halal"
    2. prepare menu
    3. submit menu as new resource
  2. Physician requests patient to be given a low.sodium diet
    1. Create a nutritionorder with several products

Current requirements

  1. Add distinction / scope boundary between NutritionProduct and Medication 
    1. should not depend on "if done through an app that is only documenting food consumption" because this puts the boundary on the apps.
    2. perhaps strong guidance is not needed, since the resources are almost interchangeable
      1. which means we need to escalate to fmm/fhir-i about how to handle information that may be spread across different resource types
  2. Add distinction / scope boundary between NutritionProduct and Substance
  3. Add "Pre-packed Food Supplements should be exposed using Medication resources"
  4. Add text to explain tha classification and codes can be multiple, e.g. a product may have different categories in different classifications-

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