Date: 2020-02-06

Location: Exhibition 3.3

Time: Q0



xWayne Kubick, CTO

Austin Kreisler (TSC)
xPaul Knapp (SGB)
xLorraine Constable (SGB, ARB)

Tony Julian (ARB)
xLisa Nelson (CDAMG)

Brett Marquard (CDAMG)

David Hay (FMG)
xLloyd McKenzie (FMG)
xGrahame Grieve (FHIR Product Director)

Craig Newman (V2MG)

Frank Oemig (V2MG)

xRick Geimer
xRob McClure

Discussion Topic


What is the role of Product Families in the new consensus PSS approval workflow in Confluence/JIRA?

Reviewed business model diagram. One issue is - how do we know the right people have looked at it? Lorraine states Josh is working on a way for a representative of a group to indicate that they looked at it. Someone will have to curate the process, at least in the beginning. Will probably just have to try it to work out the kinks. Could be a 4 week review period, two of which are a nag period.  Discussion over product management groups not having an official vote - the intention is just review and comment.

UTG and code sets

Not sure where this topic came from.  Rob notes that for the next ballot or two, if there's a ballot that would normally have a harmonization proposal - or you're making a change to a value set - people will have to talk to Ted, Carol, or Rob to get assistance in getting the appropriate steps done. Lorraine states that OO will have a harmonization proposal. 
Symmetric IGs and shared value sets Lisa: We need to start thinking at projects when they come in - is the content relevant to be represented in multiple formats. Is it a CDA and a FHIR IG? If so it could be kept in the same project. Lorraine notes they do that in OO, but they create a separate project for each product family. Discussion over pros and cons of each approach. Wayne: Maybe we just want to make people aware of issues earlier in the process and keep everything transparent and open.  Lorraine asks if CDAMG will draft proposed guidance on this. While one PSS makes sense, it may not make sense when it's different project teams. We could at least track it on the PSS.

Technical Alignments between Product Families

  • Datatypes, vocabulary, status codes, work flow, clinical value sets, structural value sets, negation, modeling, etc.
    • What changes can be made?
    • What are the priorities for consistency across product families?
    • What about Conformance, data type flavors, etc.

Frank suggests examples should be used to help people figure out how to code the mappings in specific use cases. Lisa says they have a CDA Use Case task force that could work on this. Wayne states we could set up a Confluence space to start the work and review in San Antonio. Grahame states they have a page of datatype examples. The issue with address is not the use codes, it's the different format of addresses around the world. Same with names.  Lloyd: The problem is we're bound by backwards compatibility rules. 

Discussion over changes to CDA IP rules and associated trademark issues.
Do we want to have this meeting in San Antonio, and if so, do we want to have it at 7 am?Decision to book it for Thursday Q0