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Chair:  Michelle Miller
Scribe:  Michelle Miller



XStephen ChuThe Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA)

Irina Connelly Georgia Tech Research Institute 
XGeorge Dixon Allscripts 

Evelyn GallegoEMI Advisors LLC

Eric HaasHealth eData Inc
XRob HausamHausam Consulting LLC

Laura Heermann-LangfordIntermountain Healthcare

Yanyan HuJoint Commission  

Emma JonesAllscripts
XThom Kuhn 
XRuss LeftwichInterSystems
XTony LittleOptum 360
XJay LyleOckham Information Services LLC, VA
XChris Melo Philips
XMichelle M MillerCerner

Lisa NelsonMax MD
XMike PadulaThe Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Joe QuinnOptum

Nick Radov United Healthcare 

Stefan RothGeorgia Tech Research Institute  

Casey Thompson  Clinovation

Jack Wallace Georgia Tech Research Institute  
XChristi Denney 
X?Hugh Glover  

Wayne Kubick

Andi Maddela

Amy Nordo 

Lynn Perrine

Robinette Renner

John Stamm

Mead Walker 

Barbee Whitaker  

Tom Yosick 
XSuranjan DeFDA
XBoris BrodskyFDA

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  1. Agenda Review
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes 2020-01-09 Patient Care FHIR Conference Call
    1. Motion:  Stephen/Thom
  3. gForge change requests


Suranjan described FDA use case:

Stephen gave an overview of a new page he created, Adverse Event and Consequences

This resource is not typically used to record information about subjective and objective information that might lead to the recording of a Condition resource. Such signs and symptoms are typically captured using the Observation resource; although in some cases a persistent symptom, e.g. fever, headache may be captured as a condition before a definitive diagnosis can be discerned by a clinician. By contrast, headache may be captured as an Observation when it contributes to the establishment of a meningitis Condition.

Use the Observation resource when a symptom is resolved without long term management, tracking, or when a symptom contributes to the establishment of a condition.

Use Condition when a symptom requires long term management, tracking, or is used as a proxy for a diagnosis or problem that is not yet determined.

Adverse Event Use Cases is available to inventory additional use cases, as needed

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Adjourned at 6:28pm Eastern.

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  1. Agenda Review
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes
  3. gForge change requests