CodeX (the Common Oncology Data Elements eXtensions) is an HL7 FHIR Accelerator project building a community to accelerate interoperable data modeling and applications based on a common language for cancer data (mCODE, the minimal Common Oncology Data Elements and extensions for particular use cases). 

Adoption of a common language for cancer will lead to step-change improvements in cancer care and research benefiting all cancer patients. 

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Use Cases

A number of potential CodeX Use Cases which are now in the "Discovery" phase. These are Use Cases that promise to substantially improve cancer care and research, provided the community can agree on the use of mCODE and necessary extensions.  Current and prospective CodeX members are reviewing and building out the ideas below. Contact Steve Bratt or Greg Shemancik to get join the conversation.


We are talking with tens of organizations interested in joining CodeX. Our Founding members will be released shortly.  Contact Steve Bratt or Greg Shemancik to discuss membership.


Building a community to accelerate a common language for cancer data requires a lot of community support. As the CodeX initiative rolls out, we will document here the roles and responsibilities of

  • Overall Program Management
  • Steering Committee
  • Operating Committee
  • Architectural Oversight
  • Training


Coming Soon

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