Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group: FHIR Infrastructure

Justification and Objectives

FHIR Shorthand (FSH) is a new, author-friendly language for defining the content of IGs, including profiles, extensions, value sets, examples, and search parameters. As a purpose-designed language, FSH is concise, easy to understand, and aligned to user intentions. 

The track will allow participants are invited to bring their existing or in-progress implementation guide and try out FSH. Participants will learn more about FSH, help debug the reference implementation, and share suggestions for future development.

This track will use what version of FHIR?


Clinical input requested (if any)


Related tracks


Proposed Track Lead

Mark Kramer,

Participants (actual)

Rick Geimer, Lantana

Sarah Gaunt, Lantana

David Hay

Ward Weistra, Firely

Nick George, Google

Eric Haas

Natasha Singh, Childrens Hospital of Philadephia

Hugo Leroux, CSIRO

Alejandro Metke, CSIRO

Michael Lawley, CSIRO

John Rhoads, Phillips Healthcare

John Moerke, 


Andres Schuler, HL7 Austria

Reinhard Egelkraut, HL7 Austria

Vince McCauley

Track Orientation

Slides: FHIR Shorthand Connectathon Orientation Slides.pptx

(This is a single meeting ... but occurs on different days in different time zones)

Tuesday January 21, 5-6 pm Eastern US time (GMT-5)

Wednesday, January 22, 9-10 am, Sydney Daylight Time (GMT+11)

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System Roles

This track emphasizes modeling and profiling. The relevant role is "Implementation Guide Creator".


Scenario 1:

Action: IG Creator translates profiles from an existing IG into FHIR Shorthand, to create a more maintainable form of the IG.

Precondition: Existing IG to translate.

Success Criteria: Existing IG reproduced with source expressed as FHIR Shorthand.

Bonus point: Put FSH files until source code control. Profiles generated by FSH validated using FHIR validator.

Scenario 2:

Action: IG Creator creates profiles and examples for a new IG.

Precondition: Clinical information model to express as FHIR profiles.

Success Criteria: Draft version of IG produced.

Bonus point: Create examples for each profile.


The FHIR validator will be used to assure validity of produced profiles, extensions, and examples.

Security and Privacy Considerations