Basic Requirements

These are for all FHIR implementation guides




 ** full metadata
 ** differential view
 ** snapshot view
 ** full description of contents with details
 ** full metadata
 ** logical definition
 ** at least one expansion (default)

HL7/FHIR Foundation Requirements

These are for all implementation guides published (including balloted) on or

Note that all IGs published by HL7 or the FHIR Foundation are assigned a canonical URL which is the ongoing home of the implementation guide across multiple versions.



The Header (see diagram below) SHALL include:


The Footer (see diagram below) SHALL include:


Note also these process requirements for submitting an IG for publishing by HL7:



HL7 HTML Standards considerations

When HTML specifications are published on, or, the content of the pages is divided into 'product' and 'standard'.


This is content that is under the ongoing control of the product manager, and the publication committee. The content may be changed on an ongoing basis for the following reasons: - new subsequent releases of the IG are published, and the status changes - subsequent changes to web infrastructure require new links/styles/content - external content changes require fixes to links / descriptions - restyling decisions require syle updates

Publish Box

Every HL7 implementation guide contains a publish box on every page that contains status information about the release status of the IG as a whole:


This header is updated any time a new version of the IG is published - e.g. the old published versions of the IG are updated. In order to facilitate such actions, the IG - when presented for publication - SHALL have this literal HTML fragment in an appropriate place in the HTML source of the page:

<'!--ReleaseHeader--><'p id=\"publish-box\">Publish Box goes here<'/p><'!--EndReleaseHeader-->

Note: Remove spurious ' characters that had to be added to stop the wiki trashing the HTML fragment

The publication tools will manage the actual content of this publish-box paragraph

This must present in the product section of the page (see below) and must be rendered as a yellow box with a maroon border (as shown above). This is the standard CSS for this look:

 #publish-box {  list-style: none;  padding: 0; }
 p#publish-box { background-color: yellow; border:1px solid maroon; padding: 5px; }
 img#publish-box { text-align: baseline; }

Note that the IG publisher auto bulld infrastructure requires that this box be present for all IGs, irrespective of whether they are HL7 implementation guides or not. For non HL7 guides, the publish box must be present and clearly visible, but styling is at the discretion of the author. The publish-box does not need to be present when the IG is published anywhere else, but HL7 recommends that other publishers user the same approach to manage status.


This is controlled content; changes to this content are only ever made as formal technical corrections with careful change control and announcements through HL7/FHIR Foundation formal channels. The only exception to this is to correct external links that are not explicitly visible in the text of the IG.


In order to make management simple, all HTML guides are split on the page into header, footer, and content. The header and footer are 'product' and the content is 'standard', as shown on this diagram, where the shaded yellow is the content: