Publishing a FHIR IG

This process is followed by anyone when publishing a FHIR IG to


To follow this process, you must have:

You must also know how to run the IGPublisher locally

Record Keeping

All publication runs must be recorded in the [FHIR IG Publication Record]

When you being processing the publication request, create a new row in the sheet, and add the following columns:


The following checks must be run. All these checks confirm that the various HL7 paper work which lives all over the place is all lined up, and that the IG correctly identifies itself as approved. Note that these records are all over the place, and it's really hard to work to get everything aligned, so expect to find problems.

0. Preparation

  1. Realm

2. Code

3. Version

4. Publishing Integrity

Local Build

Now that the main checks have been done, you need to do a local build. To do that, you need a copy of the IG Publisher - see IG Publisher Documentation for assistance

You are now good to publish the IG

Publishing the IG

Note: if you are publishing a set of IGs, you can do this part of the process - and all that follows as a batch

Milestone releases

If you are doing a mile stone release (a STU publication of the IG), some additional steps are required:

Finishing the Publication Process

 new Publication: [publication name] of the [IG Name] implementation guide: {canonical}/{subdir}

e.g. New Publication: STU Update 3.2 of the QI-Core implementation guide: