Publishing a FHIR IG

This process is followed by anyone when publishing a FHIR IG to


To follow this process, you must have:

You must also know how to run the IGPublisher locally

Record Keeping

All publication runs must be recorded in the [FHIR IG Publication Record]

When you being processing the publication request, create a new row in the sheet, and add the following columns:


The following checks must be run:

Local Build

Now that the main checks have been done, you need to do a local build. To do that, you need a copy of the IG Publisher - see IG Publisher Documentation for assistance

You are now good to publish the IG

Publishing the IG

Note: if you are publishing a set of IGs, you can do this part of the process - and all that follows as a batch

Milestone releases

If you are doing a mile stone release (a STU publication of the IG), some additional steps are required:

Finishing the Publication Process

 new Publication: [publication name] of the [IG Name] implementation guide: {canonical}/{subdir}

e.g. New Publication: STU Update 3.2 of the QI-Core implementation guide: