Fill out "Interest" column by indicating your name and priority for the top 3 items you would like to begin with,
based on your interest and what you think is important priority. 
We will use this to determine the most important tasks to start with and to divide up the work.

Note: this page reflects our WG's thoughts, but there are other parts of HL7 that play a strong role in setting priorities.

Project, etc, of interestWorkgroup or Project Group NotesInterest (Add your name and priority)Number of persons interested in topicInternal or External?
Patient perspective on research Biomedical Research and RegulationPatient perspective seems to be missing2
Gene SequencingClinical Genomics, Biomedical Research and RegulationPatient perspective seems to be missing

Mikael Rinnetmaki (5) - Interested in advocating for patients' access to their own data

Nancy Lush
Abigail Watson

Care PlanningPatient CareCare Plan should have patient perspective

Debi Willis (2), Nancy Lush (2), Lisa R. Nelson (4) (please note the close tie between CareTeam and CarePlan)

Jan Oldenburg (1)

Maria D. Moen (1)

John Moehrke (1)
Abigail Watson (5)

ConsentsCBCPConsents should have patient perspective

Mikael Rinnetmaki (1) Interested in Consent resource and its use. A priority for me.

Debi Willis (4), Nancy Lush (3), Lisa R. Nelson (2)

Maria D. Moen (2)

John Moehrke (already co-author)

Corrections to errors in the recordArgonaut? Or is this a gap?

Maria, Nancy, and the group as a whole emphasized importance of a mechanism for patients to communicate corrections.  Stories about data errors. 

Juana - "patients want to be heard and feel a degree of satisfaction". 

Lisa R. Nelsonhas some cool stuff to show that demonstrates the use of new Clinical Note templates where the patient is the author. It allows the patient to annotate spots in a document that need to be changed or updated.  This annotated document can then be shared back the physician to allow them to rapidly see what the patient is asking to have changed.

RegistriesCICPatient perspective3
Patient ObservationsOrders and ObservationsVital signs, etc.  Do you mix and match with clinical data?  Provenance discussed.  Challenges in trending.  Nancy - any kind of write back to EHRs using FHIR.

Mikael Rinnetmaki (2) - Interested in presenting use cases from the "mixed zone", especially with type 1 diabetes. Virginia Lorenzi (2)

Jan Oldenburg (2)

John Moehrke (2)

Abigail Watson (2)

Questionnaire /Questionnaire Response
expect these will be filled out by patients so should review resource.2
Payer information, real time pharm ben check to patientsCARIN AcceleratorShould be monitored.  However, US focused.

Debi Willis , Virginia Lorenzi (1) because I am involved in Carin

Abigail Watson (3)

Payer to payer communicationDaVinciIs there consent?1
Devices on FHIR/PHD IGHealthcare DevicesPersonal devices used by patients such as glucose meters, continuous glucose monitors, insulin pumps, etc.…

Mikael Rinnetmaki (4) - Interested in following the development of the specs.

Jan Oldenburg (3)

John Moehrke (3)

Care TeamLearning Health System?
USCDI/USCore Data QueryArgonaut?
Patient AdministrationPatient, related personSpecifically interested in modeling of whole family relationships and how that could be accomplished in FHIR.1
(2)Outreach "welcome mat" to patient advocatesPatient Empowerment
Communication about devdaysPatient Empowerment

Mikael Rinnetmaki (3) - I'm the track lead, I need to be interested. (smile)

Dave deBronkart

Guidance on making Patient Centered decisions (Patient Centered Cookbook, checklist)Patient Empowerment

Rachel Richesson (4) (Could tie this in to Evidence-Based Medicine (EBMonFHIR) and evaluating research-base or evidence behind certain treatments)

Maria D. Moen (4)

John Moehrke
Abigail Watson

Patient-mediated ExchangePatient EmpowermentEmpowering the patient to control care, eliminate some of the current gaps, and help to reduce the cost of care and administrative burden.2
Patient stories with examplesPatient EmpowermentCreate use case scenarios fleshed out with data
Added by Virginia based on interests expressed in the group
Transparency ReportingPatient Empowerment + SecurityEnable the patient to have applications that can track and alert based on data use where they are the subjectJohn Moehrke