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TestReport[edit | edit source]

Owning committee name[edit | edit source]

FHIR Infrastructure (FHIR-I)

Committee Approval Date:[edit | edit source]


Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups[edit | edit source]

Conformance_and_Guidance_for_Implementation/Testing (CGIT)

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID[edit | edit source]


Scope of coverage[edit | edit source]

The TestReport resource is an infrastructure resource used to define the results of software tests on one or more FHIR servers (and possibly clients). It includes a link to the TestScript resource that was executed and provides the state or outcome of each individual operation and assert. Additional details may be provided in markdown text for each operation and assert. The scope is limited to reporting on FHIR conformance-related behavior and does not apply to general user interface testing nor tests related to other standards

RIM scope[edit | edit source]

N/A - This resource operates outside of the space covered by the RIM as "meta" information about FHIR-conformant systems.

Resource appropriateness[edit | edit source]

The notion of "test reports" is well understood. Formal testing has been used to drive IHE testing of HL7 interfaces as well as CDA systems. Test reports may be created in a package but each is distinct and corresponds to a specific test script execution and may be used in supporting certification testing of FHIR interfaces.

Expected implementations[edit | edit source]

This resource will be used in FHIR connectathons, as part of HL7 certification processes, within IHE certification tooling and by affiliates, implementers and other groups seeking to verify and report on system conformance.

Content sources[edit | edit source]

MIF, IHE test tooling, HL7 CDA certification tooling

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Timelines[edit | edit source]

Draft as part of STU 3

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When Resource Proposal Is Complete[edit | edit source]

When you have completed your proposal, please send an email to FMGcontact@HL7.org

FMG Note[edit | edit source]

Waiting to hear from the community if this resource is needed