Date: 2019-11-07

Facilitator:  @Choose facilitator

Note Taker: Anne Wizauer  




xConstable Consulting Inc.

Mayo Clinic

Parker Digital Health Computing 
xDuteau Design
xCANA Software and Service Ltd
xDeontik Pty Ltd
xCigna Healthcare
xBlue Wave Informatics






ICode Solutions
xPKnapp Consulting

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MethodologyHSRA Project Update

Rescheduled for 2019-11-14

MethodologyFinal Review - technical correction/errata definition

Reviewed updated document.

Wayne states that most requests have not come in with a publication request, although we could add that requirement if we feel it's necessary.

Reviewed the publication form. Not many fields apply to technical correction.

Discussion over updates to Normatives. Reviewed ER. Not sure about errors that are substantive and if they're allowed, such as a reconciled ballot comment that did not get applied before publication, or a broken link.

Wayne: If you're making a correction that needs to be done or the standard isn't implementable or usable, you have to do that and shouldn't have to ballot. Need to discuss further.

Reviewed FMG's Proposed Policy for Breaking Changes. What is the relationship between this and what we're doing? Need to discuss further.

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