Thank you to those that participated in our call on Friday. We had a robust conversation on a number of important items. Please find a short summary here:

  1. IG Timeline: Please see the update in the attached PowerPoint. Please note the aggressive timeline before balloting at HL7 in December. On our next call, we will begin in-depth review of the IG and ask that your programmers participate.
  2. Code of Conduct: The group discussed the CARIN Alliance Code of Conduct and, specifically, the importance of consent to business-to-consumer exchange and data use. During the call, it was suggested that we advocate for a new category with NPPES for “trusted third-party applications”. Under the proposal, each app would be given an NPI identifying it as a third-party application acting on behalf of a consumer. This identification would, in coordination with the application’s possession of the consumer’s information, allow a data holder to know the consumer is acting on behalf of a consumer (rather than a service request for research data or TPO). We believe there are several taxonomies that could serve the purpose of identifying the application’s purposes for requesting information. We will continue to discuss this issue moving forward.

Again, please have your programmers ready to participate on our next call on October 25.