Discussion items

    • Restarting the Friday morning calls
      • This time will be used to review ballot recon comments and propose dispositions that can be taken back to the HL7 Public Health work group for official resolution
    • Nathan presented on the project to the HL7 WG in Atlanta at the September WGM
Ballot Recon
  • STU ballot (round 2) in September 2019 ballot cycle
    • 46 affirmative
    • 5 negative
      • 1 duplicate
      • 3 negatives
  • There is still a push from the CDS folks to use CDS Hooks
    • May need to dust off our previous analysis and maybe add a short "boundaries" section to the IG
    • Maybe we need to rename to "immunization decision support" to better reflect the scope of the IG
  • Nathan will take a first pass at organizing and proposing solutions
    • He'll try and circulate the proposals a day or two ahead of the Friday call
Future Plans
  • Unless the ballot recon results in substantive changes, we should be able to publish Release 1 of the IG after ballot recon is complete (maybe late 2019 or early 2020)
  • Could do another round of ballot to increase scope (other patient information, immunities, etc) in May 2020 or so
  • Could try and do a Connectathon in September in Baltimore
  • It's not clear if the new FHIR balloting requirements (FMM 2 with at least 3 groups testing at a Connectathon) will apply to future expansion of scope for the IG
    • We may have already met this in previous Connectathons

Action items