Punch list items raised at DoF Meeting 2019-07-08

"To do" items for PoCD Implementation Guide updates in next version

  1. HL7 V2 → FHIR mapping: Build additional page for mapping from HL7 V2 (IHE PCD Device Enterprise Communications device observation) to FHIR PoCD Implementation Guide
  2. IEEE 11073-10207 Service-Oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) to FHIR PoCD IG - Bjorn Andersen has a student, Cora Brenahahn, working on it in Simplifier (this material will require some conversion from the Simplifier form if we continue to use traditional IG building methods)
  3. RESTful interaction details for PoCD
  4. Use cases: amplify, add more
  5. Examples (more examples, amplify descriptions of existing ones)
  6. Safety, Security, Privacy sections to be written
  7. Sample arrays (esp. waveforms) - details of use, example
  8. Recover text from first (Simplifier) version that were omitted form second (IGPublisher) version

Longer-term "to do" items

Near term actions:

Stefan Karl: RESTful details (3), Examples (5)

John Rhoads: HL7 V2 mapping, Messaging paradigm details, 

Excerpt from Stefan Karl's 2019-06-29 email first discussed at 2019-06-24 DoF PoCD Subgroup meeting:

This is my quick bullet list of what we need to work on:


Ballot resolution – see GForge tracker items:


There are different ways how mappings could be documented: Tables in the text part of the IG, or adding element.mapping entries to the StructureDefinitions.

It may be worth looking at the 2-To-FHIR Project and David Hay’s blog post on this topic.