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Discussion items

9:00FHIR TrackerRob Hausam
  • Inclusion of Not Applicable - see item 13775
  • Consider a unified code set to manage use cases around data not populated when expected, etc the reasons why data is not provided when expected - a shared common superset of flavours of null.
 Country CodesTed

Bring in ISO country codes to the unified code systems.

  • there are numeric codes, 2 character alpha codes and 3 character iso code options used for different purposes.
  • Versioning is also an issue it is encorporated in the urn.
  • HTA has to think about how we acknowledge the IP and how we publish an external code system such as this one.
  • urn:iso:std:iso:3166:-1:ed-1:en this is the urn for the first edition of ISO 3166 part 1 in english
  • We should publish the identifier, but the registry has to contain the actual content as there is no readilly accessible iso version. The tracker item asks to combine parts 1 and part 2 containing all the parts versions and additions, or we could have the uri at the part level and have a different entry for each variation of the code system.
 Guidance around using {} syntax as in ucum quantitiesRob Hausam

For ucum we should define the set of UCUM codes - our current version of the full set.

Add to the UCUM on FHIR page to clarify the use and approach being taken.

 code system supplementsRob McClure

From the recent connecathon the question of CodeSystem.supplements was discussed - see the tracker item for details of the proposal to resolve these issues.

When Grahame does the update he will also update guidance on fragments and then seek review by Vocabulary.

 Request for DSM 5 identifierLloyd MAn oid is required for this item has been added to the tracker and this is supported.

Action items