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Official Publication of Characteristics of a Formal Value Set Definition occurred June 16, 2016

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FINAL REVIEW OF STANDARD in preparation of PUBLICATION to occur at 2016 May WGM MONDAY Q1

[From the PSS] Describe the elements that make up a “Value Set Definition”, and ballot this as a normative HL7 specification, including a demonstration of how this is met in FHIR profiles and HL7 Model Interchange Format (MIF).

The definition of value sets is a required activity in completing the specification of most health information technology artifacts. To date, the approach for doing so has not been consistent within HL7 constructs and elsewhere. Many of the required elements and approaches are embedded in existing HL7 artifacts but not consistently. Currently, an explicit list of all the fields in an HL7 value set definition are surfaced only in the informative balloted MIF, with a general description of them in the normative Core Principles specification. A more accessible and standardized list of these fields is required to facilitate interoperability and sharing of value set definitions across HL7 artifacts and the Health IT community at large.

Success criteria: Publishing of the normative standard, and a demonstration of value set definitions that conform to this published normative specification.

Project Processes

This project is using DropBox as a collaborative document sharing process during the formative draft development process. If you are interested in viewing the current draft please attend the meetings. If you are interested in participating in the editing and review of the drafts, please send a request to get access to the dropbox folder to Rob McClure ( rmcclure AT ).

Comment Review Process to Normative Ballot

Final version of the Ballot - here.

Plan is to submit for Ballot May 2018

Documents for review process - here.

NIB deadline Feb 25. Ballot submission date April 1.