The HL7 Confluence Website is a community edited site for Health Level Seven International. This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) applies to all HL7-branded Confluence sites and is intended to aid any and all HL7 Confluence and JIRA users (registered or not) in understanding how the HL7 Confluence site may be used. All users of the HL7 Confluence site must comply with this AUP, the purpose of which is to encourage the reuse of HL7 materials while preserving HL7 Intellectual Property (IP) and protecting HL7 members and participants of the HL7 community from illegal or irresponsible activities.

The HL7 Confluence and JIRA site is covered under the HL7 Terms and Conditions of Use at the website: This AUP should be read in conjunction with that document. While material on the HL7 Confluence and JIRA site is available to the public, it is not considered open content. It may contain Intellectual Property that is protected as outlined in the HL7 Bylaws and its Governance and Operations Manual (GOM), or it may represent work-in-progress towards standards material that will be copyrighted once it has gained consensus in the HL7 community.

While anonymous editing is not allowed, we do allow anyone to sign up, and once a user is granted access, active monitoring of the user's activity is not performed (they may add whatever they wish). In addition, content submitted to the HL7 Confluence and JIRA site is not subject to the HL7 Privacy Policy. The HL7 Confluence and JIRA site content is written and maintained collaboratively by volunteers.


The HL7 Confluence and JIRA site is a free and open resource designed primarily for collaboration between members of HL7 for the purpose of managing development activities. HL7 is built on the collaboration of its participants, community members, registered members, and users. In that spirit, HL7 allows access to its site and the materials therein for personal and non-commercial uses as set forth in this policy. HL7 is committed to creating the best and most widely used standards in healthcare by expanding access to development of high quality standards that can be easily incorporated into integration efforts.

HL7 cannot accept responsibility for the opinions of its members, or for their errors or omissions, or for any consequences arising from the use of information contained herein. This Site may contain third party-owned content (e.g., articles, data feeds, abstracts, logos, etc.) and may also include hypertext links to third party-owned web sites. We provide such third party content and links as a courtesy to our users and we do not endorse, sponsor, recommend, or otherwise accept any responsibility for such third party web sites or content or for the availability of such web site.


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All members of the community should take action to report users and posts that violate this AUP. Violations can be reported to Administrators through the Webmaster. Violations of the AUP may result in removal from the Confluence and JIRA site and other HL7 resources. In the case of minor violations, we encourage a quiet request on the offending user's page prior to invoking administrative procedures. HL7 reactions to violations: