Todd Cooper

John Dyer

 Ken Fuchs

Stefan Karl

Ana Kostadinovska

Koichiro Matsumoto

Joerg-Uwe Meyer

Ali Nakoulima

Joe Quinn

Brian Reinhold

John Rhoads

Martin Rosner

Paul Schluter



  1. Discussion / review of the DoF (PoCD & PHD) IG's out for ballot
  2. Identification of topics to discuss in preparation for the NOLA meetings later this month
  3. Key Pre-NOLA Wednesday Discussions should include:
  4. HL7 CAT & IHE PAT Updates + 2017 DoF events under consideration
  5. DoF Weekly Call Time Change Proposal

Next Meetings

2018.01.10  Agenda is on the topics in (3) above

2018.01.17  CANCELLED due to IHE NA PAT 18 in Cleveland

2018.01.24  Agenda is on ballot comment triage and prioritization + NOLA agenda review / time allocation