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Ken Fuchs

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  1. IG => Ballot Simplifier Tool
  2. 11073MDC Page
  3. Observation Vital Signs Profile Update
  4. PoCD IG Review & Planning
  5. Action Items Review
  6. Schedule through week & 2017


E-mail response to Michel (Furore) - crafted during call:

Some questions from our PoCD IG team call this morning:
    1. Were you successful in normalizing the exported IG content to Grahame's guidelines?
    2. Is this ... will this ... can this ... do we want this ... to be updated to our baseline document?
    3. Did you add links to a History page and a Status box?  Is that something we need to add to the IG?
      • Note we have a "## Version History" page in the draft IG
      • Is this a separate page in the release build but not in the IG?
    1. How will we manage this ballot snapshot version going forward as we continue to work on the IG (e.g., over the holidays)?  
      • Simplifier mechanism?  
      • GitHub? (w/ events)
      • Other?
    1. Note that we will use as our canonical URL 
      • Absolute URL ... 
      • We will be using a GitHub mechanism to post the StructureDefinition & CodeSystem & extension files that are referenced by the IG
As for delivering an as-good-as-its-going-to-get IG by COB Wednesday (Pacific time), yes, we will endeavor to have our editing work done by COB this Wednesday.  We will send you a confirmation late that day.
Grahame's "points" that Michel referenced:

Grahame has informed me about a couple of design requirements for final IG publication:


·         all relative links, except for a link to a history page

·         there must be a link to a history page

·         there must be a status box like all other IGs have

·         the status box must be easy to do maintain by search and replace, since I have to do that when subsequent versions are released

·         external links (other than to must be marked with the external.png file from

·         references to fhir must be based on the R3 version, not any other version


I’ll make sure that the exported IG content is reformatted according to Grahame’s guidelines above.

For this first publication, I’ll probably create a small one-off transformation script or tool.

In the future, we will integrate all this into Simplifier.