Vocabulary WorkGroup conference call Thursday, December 14, 2017  Time: 3:30PM US Eastern STANDARD Time (UTC-5)  Duration: 1.5 hours (90 minutes, until 5:00PM Eastern)

Note that clocks have changed in the Eastern Time Zone of the US, so the call of the time may have shifted in your area. 

Online Meeting Link: https://join.freeconferencecall.com/vocab 
Online Meeting ID: vocab 
International Dial-in Numbers: https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/vocab#international

Audio if not using the built-in VOIP with computer mic and speakers:

Phone Number: +1 605-472-5280
Participant Passcode: 495389

Chair:Ted Klein

Attendees:  Jim Case, Joel Schneider, Russ Hamm, Rob Hausam, Carol MaCumber, Carmela Couderc, Rob McClure, Susan Barber, Heather Grain, Ron VanDuyne

1.   Roll call and Agenda check (Ted Klein)

2.   Announcements (Ted Klein)

3.   Vocabulary WG Action Items (from calls and the last three WGMs)  (Ted Klein)

New actions



4.   New Orleans WGM Agenda Planning (Jim Case)

Status  –  Agenda has been moved to Confluence, and it can be found at January 2018 - HL7 WGM Meeting Agenda for Vocabulary

Discussion –   Rob Hausam would like to do the SNOMED on FHIR session Q4 on Monday, and has requested that we move VSE to Q2 Tuesday which is freed up since we don't need IPS time.   For Tuesday Q2, let us put in FHIR Track items, and also a bullet for Other Business.

Action –  RRH will confirm with Rob McClure.  If OK, RRH will notify Jim, who will update the agenda.

5. FHIR Items - block vote (Ted Klein/Rob Hausam)

Status/Issue  –   The FHIR Vocabulary Tracker Items calls have been ongoing weekly on Mondays as decided.   A number of items have been discussed and consensus in the call group has been reached.  As per our process, some of these items are being brought forward on this main Vocabulary WG call for block voted decisions on resolution of them.

Discussion –   The following items have had documented consensus reached by the Monday calls group for final vote.  RRH did not get to put a package together for a block vote today.  Item tabled.

Action –  


6. CoChair Adjustment (Rob McClure)

Status/Issue  –   For the first time in years, we have more nominees for cochair positions than openings, and the current cochairs are so busy they have difficulty covering all of the responsibilities effectively.  There has been a suggestion to expand the number of cochair slots for Vocabulary.   We should also review the cochair responsibilities and expectations.

Discussion –   Rob M gave a summary of where we are.  We have MANY tasks in Vocabulary, and have multiple projects underway.  The HL7 tools and permissions models really require being a cochair in order to be effective in doing things like running projects.  The existing cochairs have in many cases been leading Vocabulary for many years, and some of them have multiple other major leadership responsibilities at HL7 as well.  Ted went over the cochair tasks, and Jim was asked about his plans.   Jim and Susan both suggest that we expand the cochair number to 7.   Susan moves that we go to seven cochairs, opening a new slot.  Russ seconds.   Vote: 8/0/0, motion carries unanimously.  The process is that as soon as the paperwork is through HQ (a matter of days or weeks at the most), the current cochairs may appoint an interim cochair to fill this seventh slot until the May elections in Cologne.   Carol will be appointed.

Action –  Ted will contact HQ and get the paperwork done to make this happen.     Ted will work on a time to setup a cochair teleconference to lay out the division of responsibilities after Carol is appointed and before the New Orleans WGM.


7.   Glossary Project (Heather Grain)

Status/Issue  –   Nothing new to in terms of status.  Project is languishing.  

Discussion –    Carol suggests that she may be able to help a great deal to get this moving again.  Susan has offered to help significantly.  The main tasks we are all waiting on is having the prep work ready for the main calls, and a project lead and materials ready for the larger group to go over it.  Susan has the latest updates from Heather.  Susan displayed the latest spreadsheet that she has (but we still do not know if this is the latest; Heather has technical issues and has lost audio again).  We had some technical issues but finally were able to get it going finally.   We looked at the definition of concept representation, and there are problems with the existing definitions and wording.

Action –   Heather will move the glossary definitions summary spreadsheet content to here on Confluence so that we don't have these recurrent technical issues.


8.   Liaison Reports


9. Other Business


Final:    Next conference call scheduled for December 28, 2017 (Ted Klein)

This call final status –   Call adjourned at 5:03PM EST.  Ted took the minutes on this Confluence page, and will send and email to the list about their availability.  

Next call confirmation –  Next is confirmed for same time on December 28, 2017.  Ted will run the call, setup the minutes and agendas.