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 Project Storyline 

What are we trying to achieve? Why does it matter?

Keith notes there is a Cancer topic at Interop Showcase.

Richard: HL7 Cancer Interoperability group best suited to pursue. Profiles to describe disease characteristics. There are some existing structures that can be used. They have the people and motivation.

John: Staging was offered as a term, but wasn't really defined.

Keith: Could generalize to "Cancer care" with staging an aspect of that.  Focus on goals rather than content. What can we leverage that's in flight already?

Wayne: We want to do something realistically doable, but important that builds excitement in the community.

Use an existing QEDM profile (observations) to gather information relevant to a cancer use case.

Chris: Could approach from imaging and pathology angles, perhaps reporting to a cancer registry. Bring in SMART-on-FHIR (as in Sync4Science).

 Project Team Who can lead? contribute?
 Critical Steps 
•Fitting within January Connectathon tracks
•What to show at HIMSS
•Where we want to be by Summer 2018
 Next meeting  

Action items