HL7 PLA Call Minutes 


Date: 2019-07-25
Time: 11:30 AM
FacilitatorMary Kay/ AustinNote taker(s)Anne W.


Calvin Beebe

Lorraine Constable

Jean Duteau,

Tony Julian

Paul Knapp

Austin Kreisler
xMary Kay McDaniel
xBrian Pech

Wayne Kubick

John Roberts

no quorum definition


Need to put a list together of steps to bringing up a new Product Family (including mgmt groups) and deliver to the TSC

In the absence of the PLA, how do we stand up a Product Management Group, Hand off to TSC and suggest a standing subcommittee to manage/do what we've been doing

How do we stand up a Product Management Group for CIMI? They cross all WGs, underlying models are derivative of the FHIM (federal health information mode) but not international, using all direct US based bindings and without the bindings it doesn't work

Quality Plan

Specialty Products, identify what a WG responsibilities are, share those responsibilities 

Create a list of considerations for Management Group Health Metrics to determine how well they are executing on their goals and hand over to TSC

Roadmap for their products

How to measure the health of a management group

***hand over to TSC. Many of the metric for the WGs and SDs can be tailored

Metrics fall out of the responsibilities