Da Vinci is a private sector initiative that addresses the needs of the Value Based Care Community by leveraging the HL7 FHIR platform.  Learn more.

REMINDER: HL7 Early Ballot Voting Closes July 22nd and September Ballot Sign-Up Closes August 8th 

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  1. Use Cases
    1. Data Exchange for Quality Measures (DEQM)
    2. Coverage Requirements Discovery (CRD)
    3. Documentation Templates and Payer Rules (DTR)
    4. Health Record Exchange
      1. Health Record Exchange Framework (HRex)
      2. Clinical Data Exchange (CDex)
      3. Payer Data Exchange (PDex)
    5. Prior Authorization Support
  2.  HL7 Processes 
    1. Summary - HL7 process for balloting an artifact
    2. Join Ballot Pool Process - Instructions w/ screen shots
    3. Balloting
    4. Announcement - Non-Member Participation in HL7 International Ballots