Emergency Care Screening

Common Screenings done in the ED

(note to Laura - build the table to see how this data fits into the resources (questionnaire, questionnaire response, who is asking the question, when, what is done with the results/content/answers received)

Preamble:  The use case focus for this track will be limited to the screening done during the patient's ED visit.  

Emergency Care Triage

  1. Patient Name
    1. Mrs. Patricia (Pat) Chess
    2. 42-year-old full time office assistant, was involved in a road accident 
  2. Patient Condition
    1. Post MVA
      1. Pat is admitted to ER, treated and transferred to OR (see primary story)
      2. Diagnostic abdominal, peripheral, and chest and spinal X-rays and CT, showed a closed undisplaced comminuted fracture left mid shaft femur, fracture left ribs 6-7 with spleen and liver contusions. No fracture vertebrae detected.

Emergency Care Admission

Emergency Care Care Provision and Treatment

Emergency Care Discharge