This page is a template for creating companion guide pages to support the PDex IG.

Name of GuideVersionStatusDate
PDex IG Companion Guide Template0.1DRAFT2019-06-26

Mapping from Sources:

Source InformationTargetMinimum FHIR FieldsLink
Hl7 V2ObservationLOINC




Resource Spreadsheet

The attached Spreadsheet provides a mapping from Health Plan data sources to the FHIR US Core (R4) Profile:

Observation-FHIR_R4 v1.2.xlsx

Provenance Resource

Data received from:

Health Plan Data Exchange Overview

Document how the health plan will support the use case scenario outlined above....

Health Plan Data Sources

Identify the potential data sources the Health Plan would use to support the data exchange...

PDex FHIR Resources 

Identify the FHIR Resources from the PDex IG that are used to support the data exchange...

Value Sets and Terminologies

Identify the value sets, codings and terminologies that will support the data exchange

Data Crosswalks

Identify the source to target field mapping by FHIR Resource


FHIR FieldValue/Coding Set usedExample values Health Plan Source Data FieldIndustry Standard document/field source

Data Preparations

Identify the dependencies for creating FHIR resources.....

For example, Patient and Practitioner Resources need to be created before Encounter, Procedure etc. 


Author/contact person with contact information for this page

Tony Benson , BCBS Alabama

Mark Scrimshire, NewWave,