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HL7 United Kingdom

This space is mainly for use by the HL7 UK Management Board for managing the business of the Board and HL7 UK.

The Board usually meets every month.  See calendar on this page for details, or email the HL7 UK office.

The space contains these main sections:

  • HL7 UK Board meetings - agendas, minutes, action lists...
  • Commercial and business documents - including contract details, financial and membership reports, management procedures...
  • Technical documents - guide to Github, the HL7 UK FHIR reference server and OIDs
  • Reference documents - introduction to HL7 UK, expense guide, guides to using confluence and editing the website...
  • Workstream documents - working docs for items/projects of current interest.

Note that as these pages contain commercial information, access is restricted to HL7 UK Management Board members.

See the HL7 UK Menu for full details.

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