Use Case Inclusion Criteria (in no particular order)

Criteria IdentifierCriteria Description
A. Existing IG for multiple standards across identical or nearly-identical domains
B. Domain Analysis Model Associated with IG
C. Involvement with project co-sponsor
D. Support from Working Group responsible for IG publication

IG includes actor-centered narrative for Use Case

F. Request/support from community beyond project co-sponsors
G. Identifiable business need for transformation between standards 

Existing IG Use Cases Identified for Use in Model-Based Transformation Service Standard (in no particular order)

IG NameResponsible WGMBTS Co-Sponsor WG InvolvementMatching CriteriaProposed for inclusionNotes
Da Vinci Clinical Data Exchange (CDex)Patient CareNAA, E

Basically extension of USCDI transformation use case discussed prior to May WGM by project participants

Public Health Case Report, Release 2 -

US Realm - the Electronic Initial Case Report (eICR)

Public Health,

Structured Documents

Public HealthA, B, C, D, E, GYesDiscussed with Public Health at May 2019 WGM
Data Provenance, Release 1 - US RealmCommunity-Based Care and PrivacyCommunity-Based Care and PrivacyC, D, E, G
DPROV undergoing revision for continued 
International Patient Summary

A, E, F, G
Got reply from Rob Hausaum that he would be interested in discussing the work following IPS push for Sept. ballot materials.
Clinical Quality Language Release 1 STU 3 (1.3)Clinical Decision SupportImplementable Technology SpecificationsC

Cross-Paradigm Implementation Guide: Behavioral Health Data Exchange, Release 1 - US RealmCommunity-Based Care and PrivacyCommunity-Based Care and PrivacyA, B, C, E, G

HL7 Version 2.8.2 Implementation Guide: Immunization Messaging, Release 1 - US RealmPublic HealthPublic HealthC, E, G