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The success of the Gravity Project depends on the contribution of volunteers who are eager to make rapid progress on the standardization of social determinants of health data. We need experts to contribute to and validate definitions for SDH related data elements and value sets.

Participants are asked to join the project either as a Committed Member or Other Interested Party as part of the HL7 Consensus Process.


The Social Interventions Research and Evaluation Network (SIREN), with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and in partnership with EMI Advisors, LLC, is pleased to invite you to join the Gravity Project. Driven by the growing interest in capturing social risk and protective factor data in health care settings, the Gravity Project brings industry leaders together to identify and harmonize social risk and protective factor data for interoperable electronic health information exchange.

The Gravity Project will convene a public collaborative process from April to December 2019 to accomplish the following goals for the social domains of food security, housing stability and quality, and transportation access:

  • Develop use cases to support documentation for screening, diagnosis, treatment/intervention, and planning activities within EHR and related systems;
  • Identify common data elements and their associated value sets to support the uses cases;
  • Develop a consensus-based set of recommendations on how best to capture and group these data elements for interoperable electronic exchange and aggregation; and
  • Initiate development of an HL7® Fast Health Interoperability Resource (FHIR®) Implementation Guide based on the defined use cases and associated data sets that will be finalized in the next phase of work.

Project objectives will be accomplished through weekly one-hour virtual meetings and collaborative project product development through the HL7 project confluence page.

Upcoming Workgroup Meeting




Webinar Information

Thursday, June 6, 2019

4:00-5:00pm ET / 1:00-2:00pm PT

Gravity Project Workgroup Meeting

  • Review Patient Story 1 and Use Case edits
  • Introduce new personas and patient story submissions
  • Review draft Actors, Assumptions, and Use Case 1 Actor-Transaction Diagram

Please log on before dialing in and enter the provided participant ID.  Please note:  this meeting will launch at 10 minutes before 4:00pm ET (1:00pm PT) and will be locked prior to that time.


Dial-In:  (415)655-0003

Meeting ID:  738 112 808

Password (for app users):  gravity

Due by Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Join the Gravity Project


  • Review updated Patient Story 1 and Use Cases
  • Review Assumptions

Email comments and feedback to


Click here for project documentation and deliverables.

Gravity Project Steering Committee

Steering Committee meetings are currently held on the last Monday of each month.  

Steering Committee Members


Lisa Bari

HHS Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Innovation Center

Keri Christensen

National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

Chris Dymek

HHS Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

Margo Edmunds

Academy Health/ National Interoperability Collaborative
Tom GiannulliAmerican Medical Association

Cara James

CMS Office of Minority Health

Nafisa Jiwani

CMS Innovation Office (detail), Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

David Kendrick

MyHealth Network

Jessica Khan


Lisa Lehmann

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Brenna Long

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Sam Meklir

HHS Office of the National Coordinator (ONC)

Nancy Myers

American Hospital Association Center for Health Innovation

Tom Novak


Pam Owens


Michelle Proser

National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC)
Duane ReynoldsAmerican Hospital Association Institute for Diversity and Health Equity
Sheila ShapiroUnitedHealthcare Clinical Services

Walter Suarez

Kaiser Permanente

Al Taylor


Bill Winfrey

HHS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Carlos Villarreal

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Project Timeline

Project Contacts





Evelyn GallegoProgram ManagerEMI Advisors,
Lynette ElliottProject ManagerEMI Advisors,
Melinda MorrowProject AnalystEMI Advisors,
Lisa NelsonValue Sets Subject Matter ExpertEMI Advisors,
Linda HydeValue Sets Subject Matter ExpertEMI Advisors,
Caroline FichtenbergManaging