Entry Point for projects where no Project Proposal exists

  • Project Proposal will be required by ALL projects except:
    • projects to produce new versions of previously published standards

    • projects to complete a reaffirmation, withdrawal, or re-circulation ballot

Populate PSS

  • Project Proposal Form - will be used to pre-populate PSS
    • the fields that are verified should be summary, description, and sponsoring workgroup at minimum.
  • When WG creates PSS, identify sponsoring WG, co-sponsoring WG, USRSC (if applicable), Management Groups, and Steering Division for review
    • Should auto-populate PSS form with content from Project Proposal
  • PSS Form

Discussion - 2020-05-13

  • Need to review PSS Form as there are fields that need to be removed - complete

Sponsoring WG Approval

Consensus Review

  • See How to Review a PSS PILOT v2
  • Once the PSS is created in Confluence and JIRA issue is created, an email will be sent to co-chairs and other groups via list
    • Co-sponsors - based on co-sponsors identified on PSS
    • Steering Division - based on sponsoring WG
    • Management Group - based on artifacts selected
      • V2 MG - V2 Messages (any)
      • FMG - FHIR Extensions, FHIR IG, FHIR Profile, FHIR resources
      • CDA - V3 Documents
      • What about selection of:
        • new/modified HL7 policy/procedure/process
        • new product family
        • new product definition
        • new product project
        • creating/using a tool not listed
        • creating a new standard - who to send to
    • ARB - if external development and content is >50% developed
    • USRSC - if project indicates US Realm 
    • Zulip Announcement?
  • Specific Work Groups and governance groups may have been pre-selected by the sponsoring WG
  • Other Work Groups and interested parties can "opt in" at this stage to be involved.
  • Management Groups (V2, FHIR, CDA) - can not opt-out - options for MG:  Reviewed - no comment; Reviewed - with comment
  • Steering Division Co-chairs Review - focus on PBS metrics review for the sponsoring WG
  • ARB - 
  • Commenters must include name and WG/Group that they are commenting on behalf of
  • Commenters will be added to the watch list for this issue and will receive an email if changes are made.
  • Timeline for review - minimum of 2 weeks; maximum of 4 weeks
    • At 2 weeks point - if no comments - will send a follow-up email and remain open for 2 more weeks
    • At 4 weeks - can be escalated to the TSC if all comments have been resolved

Discussion - 2020-05-13

  • Pre-populating JIRA issue from fields in PSS
    • it is possible as long as we use dynamic PSS form (which isn't the one proposed to be used in PSS Pilot)
    • Options for notifications for Consensus Review
      • send email out to everyone - co-chairs, Mgmt Groups, ARB, US realm, etc and let them review and opt-in
      • assign groups that for review PLU send out to everyone for review who can opt in
        • either automatically capture and create sub-tasks from PSS; OR
        • manually edit form as part of PSS/JIRA issue creation
      • Need to create mapping of fields
    • DECISION: Notifications - will send out to WG Co-chairs and post to Zulip
    • Melva will reach out to IC co-chairs to see if notification should be sent to IC Admin list for all PSS
      • DECISION FROM IC CO-CHAIRS - YES send to IC Admin List for both PSS and Project Proposals
    • Reach out to Product Management Council
      • DECISION FROM PRODUCT MANAGEMENT COUNCIL - discussed - 2020-08-14 - agree that subtask for appropriate Management Groups should be added 
      • due date for subtaks - can this be added?
  • Will need to consider a triage step after WG Approval and before moving to Consensus Review

Discussion 2020-05-27

  • options for review - opt-out, agree, disagree
    • DECISION: Options and status will be opted-out, agree, and disagree

Reconcile Consensus Review

Modification/Edit Noted

  • all comments and issues must be resolved by the Sponsoring Work Group before it will be moved to TSC Review step.
  • if comments are not resolved at the end of Consensus Review - can give sponsoring WG 2 additional weeks to resolve comments and then move to TSC Review step
    • Curator will contact WG to determine if they need more time?
      • If so, leave open for 2 more weeks
      • If not, move to TSC Review

Discussion 2020-05-27

  • will add a triage step to move to TSC Review
  • process for re-review when comment responded to/PSS updated based on comment
    • Melva and Josh will discuss to determine how to handle
    • currently the PSS form can be updated, but there is no change to timestamp so won't notify watchers of a change and there is a "show changes" button on the PSS, but it repeats the PSS but doesn't show changes
    • could ask anyone who updates PSS to add a comment about what changed
    • may need to be a manual process


TSC Approval

Modification/Edit interactions handled

  • criteria for requiring modifications and sending back to Sponsoring WG
    • the project must be clearly defined
    • it must be a project that fits into the mission of HL7
    • appropriate stakeholders must be involved

PSS Approval

PSS Rejected

  • Will need to consider a triage step after at end of Consensus Review

Discussion 2020-05-27

  • JIRA will be the source of truth for dates of review and approval
    • no need to go back to PSS to update and the dates will be removed from the PSS


Future Requirements

  • have a separate set of DB tables to capture PSS content rather than JIRA
    • JIRA can be used as workflow tool
  • Link Project Proposal to PSS when we connect the 2 processes