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Antonio Denigro
Francesco Torelli
Mary GeorgeComputrition
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Karen NoceraCBORD
Mia NieveraThe Joint Commission

Antonio and Francesco with the CrowdHealth project (in Europe) presented the work they did to create nutrition intake related resources. This included intake as well as food frequency questions. They mapped their classes to some FHIR resources, mainly the observation resource, but had to create many Extensions to make it work. For the work they had to do, it was more convenient to do it this way, but they recommended it would be beneficial to create a nutrition intake resource because it would better represent the information in a standard way and simplify the information as well. I have attached their documentation we discussed today for review as we can utilize a lot of their work to create a new FHIR Nutrition Intake Statement. 

Becky reviewed the nutrition related portions on the Healthcare Product Landscape as our work will be deeper dive into the nutrition pieces. More information about the Healthcare Product Landscape can be found here for those interested in this work; those calls are on Mondays at 3PM EST/2PM CST/1PM MST/12PM PST and call details can be found in the attached link.

By mid-next week, Margaret Dittloff and Karen Nocera will send me the use cases that were prepared with the previous work done and I will send them on to the group to review for our next call.

Margaret Dittloff indicated there was some work going on around questionnaires, however, Antonio and Francesco’s work was only to collect information at a patient level. Margaret will send examples of food frequency questionnaires to the group so we can look at in conjunction with this work.

Becky will find out if there is a place we can store our documentation, possibly on Confluence under Orders and Observations’ project pages.

Our conference call next week (April 19, 2019) falls on Good Friday, so the call will be cancelled as many people will not be available. This will also give everyone time to review the documentation to be sent out.

Our next call will be on Friday, April 26, 2019 at 2PM EST/1PM CST/12PM MST/11AM PST.