Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group

Justification and Objectives

This track will use what version of FHIR.

Clinical input requested (if any)

Related tracks

Proposed Track Lead

Expected participants


Altarum: Craig Newman

Audicious Inquiry: Keith Boone

CDC: Jason Hall / Megan Light

Cerner: Hans Buitendijk

Health Intersections: Grahame Grieve

JKM Software: Sean Muir

Northrop: Rishi / Marcelo Caldas / Shu McGarvey

Redox: Benjamin Flessner / Brendan Keeler

TBX: Robert Worden

Google Cloud: Yatish Gupta/ Roman Polyanovsky

Track Orientation

System Roles



Security and Privacy Considerations

We will not be requiring TLS to participate.