This is the space for the FHIR Infrastructure work group.

See also the FHIR space and possibly the FHIR Management Group.


The FHIR Core Work Group (FHIR) is a content development work group (peer of other domain content work groups) responsible for the development and maintenance of a delineated set of core components of the FHIR specification, thereby enabling other work groups to develop FHIR resources, profiles and implementation guides.



Project Overview

Call Info

CallTime (U.S. Eastern - standard or daylight savings)
FHIR-I GeneralMondays 3-5pm
FHIR WorkflowMondays 2-3pm
Structured Data CaptureThursdays 5-6pm
FHIR Shorthand

Thursdays 9-10am

+1 (781) 271-2020  Conf. 7277283#

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