1. Opening
    1. Call to order, introductions, welcome
    2. Review & approval of the Agenda
    3. Minutes of the previous meeting
    4. Antitrust rules
  2. Co-chair election
  3. Brief update on FHIRcast PSS
  4. Division PSS's for approval
    1. PSS for FHIR DME Orders 

  5. Other tracker items
    1. 17179 - ImagingStudy status codes - conforming to Event pattern
    2. 17279 - Confirm ImagingStudy.modality and ImagingStudy.series.modality binding
    3. 17441 - Update description in Endpoint to use DICOMweb thumbnail API
    4. 19637 - Update cardinality of ImagingStudy.procedureReference
    5. 20166 - Broken Link to ImagingProcedureCode ValueSet
    6. 20177 - Review and provide additional guidance on ImagingStudy.status
  6. Next meetings
    1. Teleconferences
      1. Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 1:00-2:00 US ET
      2. Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 1:00-2:00 US ET
    2. In Person
      1. The week of May 6, 2019, HL7 Montreal, Canada
  7. Adjournment

Dial-in info

United States: +1 (571) 317-3116

Access Code: 812-770-693


Alex Goel, Cancer Care

Chris Melo, Philips

David Clunie, Pixel Med

Harry Solomon, NA

Isaac Vetter, Epic

John Moehrke, By Light Professional Services

KT Pickard, Philips

Lawrence Tarbox, UAMS

Diana Ovelgonne, Siemens Healthcare GmbH

Ulrich Busch, Varian

Lino Ramirez Velasquez GE Healthcare

Markus Herrmann, Partners

Brad Genereaux, NA

Elliot Silver, Change Healthcare

Luiza Kowalczyk, MITA

Pro-Tem Presiding Officer:                                               David Clunie, PixelMed

DICOM Secretariat:                                                           Luiza Kowalczyk, MITA                                   

Elliot Silver stepped down as Co-Chair of WG-20 II last January 2019. We could not get anyone fill in.  

 Due to his changing job responsibilities, Brad Genereaux stepped down as a Co-Chair of WG-20 II early this year as well.

As of today, DICOM WG-20 II has no leadership. During today’s call, David Clunie volunteered to be a pro-term chair for today’s call. We went through few topics w/o voting though.

Status of PSS: SD & TSC have approved the FHIRcast PSS, paving the way for our Notification of Intent to Ballot.

TSC had expresses concerns that FHIRcast was more than 50% developed outside of HL7, not under Hl7 control and that perhaps InM was a more appropriate sponsor than II.

To address these concerns, we:

Moved the specification from https// to

Centrally documented the HL7 events, meetings and calls at which FHIRcast has been worked on: Additionally, ARB is conducting a voluntary review of the FHIRcast specification, Elliot & Isaac to attend.

There is scheduled a call with the InM working group to discuss sponsorship of FHIRcast.


Brad Genereaux reached out to HL7 Project Management Office to get PSS TSC approval status accurately reflected in projman website.

Status of NiB for May: Our NiB is submitted:

What are the terms of using FHIRcast, and accessibility of documents etc …. DICOM is looking for clarity on license. Move CCO license to use as FHIR    

Internal vs external FHIRcast specification – March 5th call, Elliot and Isaac will join the call.

Moving this project from II to InM? Should it be in imaging?

PSS for FHIR DME Orders –Members of WG-20 II abstain - we could not formally vote on this topic because this group has no chair/active leadership now, but members of this group express no concern……

17179 - ImagingStudy status codes - conforming to Event pattern

17279 - Confirm ImagingStudy.modality and ImagingStudy.series.modality binding

17441 - Update description in Endpoint to use DICOMweb thumbnail API

19637 - Update cardinality of ImagingStudy.procedureReference

20166 - Broken Link to ImagingProcedureCode ValueSet

20177 - Review and provide additional guidance on ImagingStudy.status

New Business

It is under Structure Docs right now.

As per the San Antonio WGM minutes, we need to update the Project 1230: HL7 Endorsement of DICOM PS3.20: Imaging Reports using HL7 CDA

There is the project for International Patient Summary (IPS) going on right now:

They are taking as base also the CDA R2.0 templates including the one for Imaging. It is been pointed out that we shall be acting on getting a consensus before from the IPS perspective; they adopt what we are trying to retire.

Extract from the San Antonio Minutes:

MOTION: Next steps are:


Harry is willing to help but he has no official standing with any organization. 

Find out what the process is for him to do that on the HL7 side.

Next steps:

  1. Update the PSS, we put the updates forward, Harry will help Diana.
  2. Update the following page and distribute an updated link to the group-Brad 

Next Meetings:


In Person

Preliminary agenda:

Future Meetings of HL7



The meeting was adjourned at 1:50 US ET

Submitted by Luiza Kowalczyk, DICOM Secretary

Reviewed by counsel: Clark Silcox, legal counsel,