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11:00V3 vocabulary topics. Policy statement on legacy V2/V3 code systems (tentative) (moved from next Q because transition from HL7 code systems to other codes systems, internal HL7 or external needs clarification. See: Re: Proposed Vocabulary WG Policy on content changes to old HL7 systems

Ted Klein

It was agreed that though this has been discussed in the past it is time to formalize a policy for content changes to old HL7 systems.

Discussion is documented on the Proposed vocab WG policy on content changes (link in item description) along with a proposed outline of requirements. We have been reticent to update older terminologies as the content of these does not conform to the standards we require in terminology today.

Proposed mechanism: yearly review by the workgroup of deprecated content be reuqired and if there is no change after two years it should be retired.

The definition of deprecated was agreed: Specification or artifact that should be avoided as it no longer has a meaningful purpose or has been replaced by a better specification or artifact.

The policy has to deal with how we manage this process.

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