• Roadmap update for CDA MGMT
    • CDA Jira tracker that CDA-MG is working on (Andrew)[CDAMG]
    • Errata Releases for C-CDA R2.1 (post mortem on 2018Nov errata)
    • Update for C-CDA R2.1 (R2.2) Inclusion of Companion Guide Templates and other enhancements
  • Future of CDA and C-CDA
  • C-CDA IAT Update - Lisa
  • Other emergent topics


  • Motion by: Brett Marquard

    After HL7 publishes the existing errata and other supplemental C-CDA projects in progress, we will never publish another release including supplements, errata solely in document form (example: PDF, Word). We SHALL initiate a project to publish using alternative publishing format.

  • Second by: Keith W. Boone
  • Discussion:
    • Motion by: Austin Kreisler
    • Motion withdrawn
    • Calvin: no requirement to do ValueSet publication for errata.
    • Austin: We need to initiate a project to publish using alternative web-based tooling.
    • Motion is amended to include any release, not just 
    • Jean: why say what you don't want?
    • This is related to C-CDAs
    • Does this include supplemental templates?
    • There are projects in flight.
    • We would not be sponsor or co-sponsor on any new projects using current document-based tooling. 
    • New projects started today, would need to work with the new alternative tooling.
    • We will forward this to the CDAMG for formal approval.
    • Lisa - What is the scope of control?
    • We don't control all.
  • Negative comment, too broad in scope for the Against vote.