Identification of Liaisons for Working Groups

On the page below, please check the liaison information for your Working Group. The terms will be defined to run for a full year from one May WGM to the next May WGM and the Working Group will be responsible for ensuring that a liaison is assigned throughout the year. While not all Working Groups actively create content, all Working Groups do leverage tools supported by the Electronic Services and Tools (EST) Work Group. The liaison is an important link between EST and the various Working Groups of HL7. The expectations are modest, as this is primarily a tool meant as a communication link between the EST Work Group and the various work groups of HL7.

  • See instructions below if you are already listed on the table.
  • Since you are not listed as a representative for your Work Group, you will need to click on the button labeled "Connect with EST" and complete the form.

  • Check your information in the table below. If it is correct, no further action is needed.
  • If you need changes, you may click edit and correct your information.
  • If you are unable or need help, contact one of the co-chairs for EST and we will be able to assist.