–   Boris Brodsky (Co-chair)

–   Ed Helton (Co-chair)

–  Myron Finseth (Co-chair) 

–  Nagesh Bashyam (Dragon)

–  Jose Galvez

–  Julie Evans

–  Bill Friggle

–  Nagesh Bashyam

–  Julie Evans

–  Bill Friggle

–  Norman Gregory

–  Catherine Hosage Norman

–  Andy Iverson

–  Gayathri Jayawardena

–  Abudllah Rafiqi

–  Wendy ver Hoef

–  Mead Walker

1 Minutes Approval

2 Project and PSS Review and Approval

Key Dates

FHIR Ballot Prep schedule

R4 Publication

2018-11-01: Substantive content freeze for core R4 publication

2018-12-02: FHIR core and FHIR IGs are all locked. No further changes without product director permission

Finalization of FMM levels

Jan 2019 FHIR IGs

2018-10-31 - Reconciliation packages posted to ballot desktop for previous ballots (if any)

2018-10-28 - NIBs due, IG must be publishing on the CI build and "functionally complete"

FMG will be evaluating "need to ballot" - each ballot must be necessary

All artifact types, all key behaviors, etc. present. If there are bugs in the publication process, they must be identified by this point and must be resolved to the point that the build at least runs successfully and any tooling-related issues must be agreed to be resolvable

2018-11-18 - Content deadline for QA. All content must be final from the workgroup perspective - no changes other than QA fixes from this point - no new artifacts or content

2.1 #1426 Women’s Health Technology Coordinated Registry Network (CRN)

 Confluence page

2.2 #1425 CDISC Lab Semantics in FHIR

2.3 #1424 Common Data Model Harmonization (CDMH) - FHIR Implementation Guide

2.4 #1416 Exploration of FHIR resources to support of IDMP 11238/19844 Substances Standard and Technical Specification

2.5 #1310 BRIDG Model Update (BRIDG Release 5.2 /HL7 BRIDG R5 is being updated)

2.7 #?? siRB

2.8 #?? eSource


3.1 FHIR Tracker Items

Current BR&R Open Items

4. Action Item List

5. AOB