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This is the Main Page of the HL7 Confluence site, hosted by HL7 International, Inc.  This is NOT the primary public website of the HL7 International organization, which is www.hl7.org.   For help using Confluence, use the following link to the Welcome to Confluence pages, or see the sidebar link "Basic Help for Confluence", or use Help at the top right of every screen. Each contains general information about editing Confluence pages, subject to the HL7 JIRA/Confluence Acceptable Use Policy.  In order to use this site, please create a user account (see below).  Use of this site is open to all participants; and is, therefore, not restricted to only "Active" HL7 Members.  To access information on this site about HL7 activities, work groups and projects, either use the index page at HL7 Work Groups and Projects or use the search option above.  For Issues or Questions regarding these sites or their configuration, please log a JIRA ticket or contact our webmaster@HL7.org.  Please use confluence.hl7.org to access this site.  To access the HL7 JIRA site, either use JIRA.hl7.org, or go to the tri-menu (top left) and select JIRA.

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Information Updates on Using Confluence and JIRA at HL7

Updates from the Webmaster, CTO and Project leads.



Password ChangesPassword changes must be made through the JIRA site.  The JIRA site is the primary server for user management.  If you need to make changes to your password, please visit the JIRA site.

Portless URL

When accessing this site or sharing links, please do not include the port numbers at the end of the domain.  Please update any links that include the port number.  Thank you!

Scheduled Downtime

The Confluence and JIRA HL7 system may be unavailable from 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM Eastern time Monday thru Friday for server Maintenance.  Additionally, work requiring longer system downtime will be done between 4:00 AM and 7:00 AM Eastern time on Sunday and Monday mornings.  This will never interrupt important events but should be used as a baseline for possible downtime.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

About HL7

Founded in 1987, Health Level Seven International (HL7) is a not-for-profit, ANSI-accredited standards developing organization dedicated to providing a comprehensive framework and related standards for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information that supports clinical practice and the management, delivery and evaluation of health services. HL7 is supported by more than 1,600 members from over 50 countries, including 500+ corporate members representing healthcare providers, government stakeholders, payers, pharmaceutical companies, vendors/suppliers, and consulting firms.HL7 Work Groups use this Atlassian tool to collaborate during the development and maintenance of Healthcare Interoperability Standards, Electronic Health Record functional models and profiles and other standards products. For more information about the roll-out of Confluence for usage, see the HL7 JIRACon project space/page.

How to request an account on JIRA & Confluence for HL7 participants 

JIRA manages accounts for both itself and Confluence. If you have an account on either JIRA or Confluence you have an account on the other. The login credentials will be the same. 

For permissions for a specific role, please email webmaster@hl7.org with your name and reason for elevated permissions. 

We look forward to your contributions to HL7!

Account creation on JIRA

1.Select "Request an Account"

2. Fill out the form and select "Create"

3. An administration will review and notify you when your account has been approved and created. 


Account creation on Confluence

1. Select "Request an Account"

2. Fill out the form and select "Create"

3. An administration will review and notify you when your account has been approved and created. 

Upon first login you will see:

    • An introductory video:

    • Setting up your avatar:

    • And prompts to watch various "spaces":