Work Group: SOA


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Monday1.OctAMQ1  No Meeting   
AMQ2  No Meeting   
PMQ3  Workgroup Overview / HSSP Intro / New Attendee "Jumpstart"
  • Provides overview of the workgroup, mission, charter, objectives, current work, etc.
  • Intended for all audiences.
  • Confirmation of Agenda


 GR 547
PMQ4  "Round Robin" Project Updates

Each active project collaborating with SOA will provide a 5-10 minute update on their current status and activities planned for the week. This is the best quarter to attend to receive an overview of all SOA-related work across all projects.

Update reports on:

  • Clinical Decision Support on FHIR (Ken Kawamoto, Claude Nanjo)
  • Cross-Paradigm Interoperability Version 2 Project (Ken Lord)
  • Ordering Service Update (Jerry Goodnough)
  • HL7 Enterprise Service Reference Architecture (HL7-ESRA)
  • Cloud Planning Guide
  • HL7 Service Healthcare Marketplace
 Vince Jerry GR 547
Tuesday2.OctAMQ1 Cross-Paradigm Interoperability Version 2 Vince Jerry GR 547
AMQ2 Order Service
  • Order Service Update
   GR 547
PMQ3 HL7 Health Service Marketplace
  • HL7 Health Service Marketplace Ballot comment disposition
   GR 547
PMQ4 HL7 Enterprise Reference Service Architecture
  • HL7 Enterprise Reference Service Architecture (HL7-ERSA) Project update
   GR 547
Wednesday3.OctAMQ1  Joint with EHR - EHR Hosting   
AMQ2  TBA - Ken in OO presenting   
PMQ3 Other Business and Votes
  • Other business

PMQ4 Joint or Observer with Orders and Observations   
Thursday4.OctAMQ1  No Meeting   
AMQ2  No Meeting   
PMQ3  No Meeting   
PMQ4  No Meeting   
Friday5.OctAMQ1  No Meeting   
AMQ2  No Meeting   
PMQ3  No Meeting   
PMQ4  No Meeting